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It is no surprise considering EA Games loves to destroy franchise games and buyout smaller companies that make great games in order to make money.Rain fire from the sky in a gargantuan Airship, tear through the world in the Armored Train, or bombard the land from the sea..
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2hsbc BusinessVantage is a registered trademark of hsbc Holdings plc used by hsbc Bank Canada under license.X Close, we use cookies and other computer programs on our website. .My Service Canada Account).In order to participate in the hsbc Rewards for Miles Program (the Miles Program you must first..
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348 win brass

The.348 can tackle large bodied game but should not be considered a true heavy game (600kg / 1300lb) cartridge in the same manner send soup gift basket as the.375 and larger bores.
It is emerging architects prize doubtful that the.348 will ever make a huge come back with the.358 bore well established and producing excellent performance in its own right.Initial loads featured a 150 grain bullet at an advertised 2920fps and a 200 grain bullet at 2535fps.The 200 grain Hornady FTX has breathed new life into the.348.Shell cases for Handguns and Rifles are engineered to precise tolerances to ensure smooth-feeding and positive chambering.Rust and the resulting pitting from wet weather hunting or damp storage conditions versus poor preservation regimes all take their toll on the bores of these old rifles.Log in now to write a review.The combination of a flat point bullet in a wide bore driven at high velocity can increase the versatility of a medium bore cartridge, enabling one load to achieve fast killing and consistent results on a wide range of game body weights.The same process can be utilized to make heavy 250 grain bullets slightly more responsive.Winchester also make limited runs of model 71 rifles.The Interlock loses a great deal of weight when striking the major bones of lighter animals, even those weighing less than 80kg (176lb) and can be prone to bullet blow up on heavy bone.For those who have no access to the FTX and are wanting the same rapid energy transfer, it is possible to hollow point the Interlock and Barnes projectiles, however the hollow points need to be wide and relatively shallow.It should be noted that all Winchester loads (150, 200 and 250 grain) were initially of the Silvertip type.No products are currently available in this category.
Please take careful note of impact velocities at 200 yards.
For those who are serious fans of the.348 and are well grounded in hand loading including the ability to read pressure signs carefully, Superformance powder will allow the hand loader to develop much faster loads than those"d here.

It would be nice to see at least one bullet maker offer a more explosive heavy weight bullet for the.348.