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Best powder for 284 win

There are many other winning combinations out there though.
Velocities were close as well.
The general trend has been to back off loads to the fps range with 142 SMKs.
Bill Shehane took the 2004 two-gun 1K Nationals shooting a 1:8 twist Broughton 5C, but he also competes with a 1:8.5 state theatre coupon code Krieger.Bottom line: No one brand of primer is always "the best".Next, most top shooters deburr and ream the flash hole for consistency and uniform the primer pockets to a consistent depth.Unknown.64 fed LR guest 110gr.2 gr, win 748 3,300 fps, winchester 110gr JHP.0 gr, n202.284 Winchester-case based cartridge is not the original, but rather the.5- 284 Norma.Among factory bullets the top three choices are probably the Sierra 142gr Match-King, Lapua 139gr Scenar, and Berger 140gr VLD.There are two varieties of Winchester brass, the bulk Win brass sold currently, and an earlier version that was sold in individual 20-round boxes.Using the rcbs unit, with its universal shell-holder, is fast and very convenient.Faster than will the.338.This works with.2843" loaded cat gift box neck diameter with about.010" neck-wall thickness.Winchester Model 88 lever action rifles.It took.05 seconds to build this page Questions or comments?Across the bullet weights used, here are the average recoil values for each cartridge.5 pound rifles:.8.For the.338-378 Weatherby Then, there is the monetary cost of buying and shooting any of these rifles.(These figures, and all that follow, are NOT corrected to account for the different barrel lengths.330 Dakota,.8.340 Weatherby and.338 RUM,.5.338 Lapua,.4.338-378 Weatherby,.9, the only practical reason for designing a cartridge to drive a given weight bullet faster is to enhance the.It is currently one of the most used non-wildcat cartridges by match shooters in F-Class and 1000 yd/m benchrest long range competitions.These.338 "super magnum" cartridges achieve marginally better ballistic performance than the.338 Winchester Magnum, but with a lot more sound, fury, reduced availability and greatly increased monetary cost.This H4831sc/210m/SMK 142 combination has worked well since the beginning for me, posting the third smallest group (out of over 1200 groups) in the Williamsport Light Gun category:.352".

5 These ballistics make it clear that the.
There does not seem to be a magic number.