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Did donald trump win the primary election

For now, though, we are left to sketch the first draft of history.
Due tofaithless voting, others receiving electoral votes were ColinPowell 3, Bernie Sanders 1, Ron Paul 1, John Kasich 1, and FaithSpotted Eagle.
We learned that Obamas support wasnt the floor among non-college educated, rural, white voters.Perhaps the various controversies came so hard and fast that none had time to draw blood.Because he simply listened to the American people Via right radio host John Cardillo : The political class (on the coasts) did not listen to or care enough for Middle America.Maybe Mr Trump's personality and appeal was so strong, the scandals just bounced off.Because of Comey Via USA Today : The FBI director's decision to revive the Clinton email circus with visitorlando com promo code a letter to Congress two weeks before Election Day killed the Democrat's momentum and derailed her plans to finish the campaign with a more uplifting message.As of 5/10/2016, Real Clear Politics' aggregate polling averagesshow Sanders beating Trump by 13 points while Clinton beats Trumpby only.4 points.And they'll do it from the White House.Very few people thought he would actually run, then he did.Charlie Wolf - Political commentator and former communications director of Republicans Abroad.Mr Trump didn't need their help - and, in fact, may have won because he was willing to take a stand against them.Theyre less willing to take these surveys, and Im not seeing enough attention being paid to that fact.Trump to advance his candidacy does not reveal an inherent malice in the majority of Americans.".None of the other issues, be they cultural or racial, came close to mattering as much.Theoldest rule in politics is: When your momentum catches up with yourlack of organization, you're doomed to failure.No Maybe, Maybe not.Of course, Mr Comey's actions never would have been a factor if Mrs Clinton had decided to rely on State Department email servers for her work correspondence.Because rural Midwesterners don't get out of the house enough.
Those were states that had gone Democrat for decades, based in part on the support of black and working-class white voters.

He did poorly among Hispanic and blacks and in largecities.