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Grade acceleration gifted students

grade acceleration gifted students

Key: Admin, Global Mod, Mod # /11/11 12:05 PM, advice and experience on grade acceleration.
His fine motor skills are probably normal for his age, so I worry that he wont be able to write fast or as neatly as the other kids in first grade.
Sounds like you have an amazing little guy.I think well keep moving forward with the skip and hopefully I can stop worrying.This has been his only year of preschool and it is just 2 hours and play based, so I know things will change a lot next year with either grade.Welcome to the board!Take it one step at a time and make the decision for now, not worrying about the far advance future.Smutny, Joan Franklin; Walker, Sally.; Meckstroth, Elizabeth.My son initially advanced 1 grade in math, but quickly reached a plateau- He is now 3 grades ahead in curriculum attending the middle school with a group that is on a track for 2years ahead so he is only with kids 1 year older.It was pretty pretty good.Callahan, Carolyn.; Hertberg-Davis, Holly.Love and More Love, Grinity _ Coaching available, at m Top # /24/11 12:58 PM Re: Advice and experience on grade acceleration Re: Mommysontherun Mommysontherun Junior Member Registered: 03/11/11 Posts: 11 The principle is fully in support of skipping kindergarten.I feel first grade would be a better fit.Report, a Nation Deceived articulated 20 benefits of academic acceleration, which can be further distilled into four key points: Academic acceleration provides greater benefits than any approach, such as differentiated instruction ben 10 christmas gifts or enrichment.Grouping and Acceleration Practices in Gifted Education.So why would you want to repeat those K lessons?Bard College at Simon's Rock is a four-year college designed exclusively for early entrants.It is a very objective form that considers many different areas - test scores are only a part.Research has provided no evidence of social or emotional maladjustment due to acceleration.30 In a compacted curriculum, the students instruction entails reduced amounts of introductory activities, drill, and practice.If it's a full day kindy program, sometimes the schools will allow kindy in the morning and 1st in the afternoon. Discover is intended for identified gifted learners scoring at the 97th percentile or higher on ability and achievement tests.