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(C) A county or joint district that is operating under a solid waste management plan prepared and ordered to be implemented by the director under division (D) of section 3734.55 of the Revised Code or division (D) or (F) of section 3734.521 of the Revised.
The applicable renewal date shall be prescribed on each registration certificate.
Effective Date: ; Except as otherwise provided in section 3734.282 of the Revised Code, moneys collected from judgements for the state or settlements with the director of environmental protection, including those associated with bankruptcies, related to actions brought under Chapter 3714.
(B) No owner or operator of a composting facility that is subject to regulation under section 939.04 of the Revised Code shall sell or offer for sale aeromexico coupon codes 2017 at retail or wholesale, distribute for use, or give away any compost product that does not comply with.261, as amended, is being stored, treated, or disposed of and where the aggregate of the storage design capacity and the disposal design capacity of all hazardous waste in those areas is greater than two hundred fifty thousand gallons, are not located or operated within.(H) Whoever knowingly violates any provision of section 3734.904, 3734.906, 3734.907, 3734.908, 3734.9011, 3734.9012, or 3734.9013 of the Revised Code, or any rule adopted by the tax commissioner under section 3734.902 or 3734.904 of the Revised Code, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first.The remittance shall be accompanied by a return indicating the total amount of infectious wastes received at the facility for treatment during the month to which the return applies.Upon ratification of the draft revised plan, the committee shall submit it to the director for approval in accordance with division (C 1) of this section.Of the Revised Code that require the owner or operator of a scrap tire recovery facility described in division (F 1) of this section to maintain information demonstrating the applicability of that division to the facility and to operate the facility in a manner that.If such semiannual sampling shows that the methane limits set lethal performance discount code 2016 in division (C) of this section are exceeded, sampling may be resumed at a frequency determined by the director.Moneys received by the fiscal officer of the township under that division shall be paid into the general fund of the township.The owner or operator of a facility located in an unincorporated area, as a trustee of the county in which the facility is located, shall collect the fees levied by this division and forward them to the county treasurer of that county in accordance with.(C) No person shall operate a solid waste facility or portion of such a facility within the boundaries of a state park established or dedicated under Chapter 1546.If a report submitted pursuant to a plan approved under division (A) of this section indicates that the formation of explosive gases at, and migration of explosive gases from, a solid waste disposal facility that is subject to an order issued under division (D).(DD) "Scrap tire recovery facility" means any facility, or portion thereof, for the processing of scrap tires for the purpose of extracting or producing usable products, materials, or energy from the scrap tires through a controlled combustion process, mechanical process, or chemical process.The director of environmental protection shall use money in the fund only in accordance with the purposes of and the limitations on natural resources damages set forth in the "Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 as amended, the "Oil Pollution Act.Of the Revised Code governing the receipt, acceptance, processing, handling, management, and disposal by solid waste facilities of material that contains or is contaminated with radioactive material, including, without limitation, technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material that contains or is contaminated with radium-226, radium-228,.6921, as amended, and all regulations adopted under it, and similar laws and rules of other states if any such prior operation was located in another state that demonstrates sufficient reliability, expertise, and competency to operate a hazardous waste facility under the applicable provisions.(CC) "Scrap tire monofill facility" means an engineered facility used or intended to be used exclusively for the storage or disposal of scrap tires, including at least facilities for the submergence of whole scrap tires in a body of water.After completion of a draft plan, the director shall hold a public hearing on the draft plan at each of five different locations within the state.(B) Projects and activities that are eligible for grants under division (A 1) of this section shall be evaluated for funding using, at a minimum, the following criteria: (1) The degree to which a proposed project contributes to the increased use of scrap tires generated.The levying of the fee shall commence on the sixtieth day after the adoption of the ordinance or resolution.Each application for a license submitted under this section shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable application fee of one hundred dollars, except that the application fee does not apply to an application for a license for a scrap tire collection or storage facility that.1801, as amended, the rules shall be consistent with that act and regulations adopted under.
(F) "Disposal" means the discharge, deposit, injection, dumping, spilling, leaking, emitting, or placing of any solid wastes or hazardous waste into or on any land or ground or surface water or into the air, except if the disposition or placement constitutes storage or treatment.
The environmental protection agency shall use money in the fund to pay the costs of administering and enforcing this chapter and Chapter 3714.