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Gratuitous Iambic Pentameter : There are zones in which all encounters including the messages for drops and stat gains are written in haikus, limericks and anapestic tetrameter.
Always Chaotic Evil : Seals.
Saucerors learned how to cast several hindering curses, and harnessed the power of Soulsauce which can be expended for devastating special spells.
Cosmetic Award : Trophies tattoos, flight in a spitfire gift unless you care about PvP mode.It appears that you're heading directly into the heart of the volcano.Said embodiments take the form of pixellated monsters and power-ups which will taunt you repeatedly as you fight them, and some of their taunts might hit a little too close to home for the player.However, that isn't always the best one to use.How to avoid Negativity lead a happier Life (Worldwide) David Nihill Free eGuide - Become a Funnier Speaker (Worldwide) Lander's Nautrals Free All Natural Insect Repellent Sample (US) Office Savers Club Free Scroll Pen (US) Back To Nature Free Cookies or Crackers (US) 26 June.Zombo, one of the sub-bosses of Hobopolis, will scare you out of one item of clothing per turn- first your pants, then your hat, and finally, if you're wearing one, your shirt.In an ordinary License to Adventure run, you finish by fighting "Blofeld" "s included a cowardly man who reads his lines from a script and spends the entire fight trying to run away, so weak that he's likely to pose zero challenge to any player.TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life : As mentioned above, one of the monsters for the 2010 Crimbo is the Tome of Tropes, a reference to this site.Whole Plot Reference : The entire White Citadel quest chain was, until 9/19/14, a gigantic reference to Harold Kumar Go to White Castle, including the fratboys, cheetah, and pretty much everything about.Now it's a whole plot reference to The Odyssey.The item description is shocked that you were insane enough to do this in the first place.Square Enix games (mainly, final Fantasy VII and, dragon Quest ).Bow and Sword, in Accord : Averted.Eating certain foods, mainly raw ingredients such as carob chunks, raw Chorizo, and bottles of ketchup, will cause the game to call you an idiot.

Flat-Earth Atheist : The Pretentious Artist.
If he misses the apple, the other player wins.
Critical Failure : In this case, it's called Fumble!