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The gift of wine com

the gift of wine com

Making cider is simple!
However there is no airlock on the bottles so the gas remains trapped - bellamianta tan gift set building up pressure in the bottle.
First of all, making homemade wine is easy - it is not as difficult as you might think.
I used 2 litre sparkling water bottles.Just attach it to your electric drill to spin the blade and slice through the apples.It is often surrounded by snobbery and pretence but forget all that - this site cuts through all the nonsense and tells you all you need to know about wine in a simple and clear way.You can make wines from fresh fruit, frozen fruit, concentrated fruit juice or vegetables and other items as well.That's why I can only show you one bottle in the photo!Fermenting the Juice For every gallon of juice add one Campden Tablet.Add the yeast starter to your juice in the fermentation bucket.This device fits onto the end of a pole and has upturned 'fingers' that you use to pull the fruit from the branches.For each gallon add one teaspoon of Pectolase (Pectic Enzyme).Beer, wine and cider making are very similar processes.Wash the apples, throw away any that show signs of rot or have maggots in them.I sterilised a glass tumbler then added a teaspoon of sugar, and poured on boiling water.Press the Pulped Apples, now you have to press or squeeze the juice from your apple pulp.Pulping apples is hard work for the little machine!The apples are dropped in from the top and when they hit the spinning drum (powered from my electric drill) the screws grind them into little pieces.This stage of the process is called Primary Fermentation.There are lots of ways of doing this.After a few hours it will start bubbling.