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Who will win alaska

One state defies any easy red wave or blue wave characterization in the 2018 elections : Alaska, big, remote, and the home to the midterms most interesting governors race.
The second highest turnout will receive 5,000.
The fund is funded by oil money, and the dividends have shrunk nearly by half from 2,100 to 1,100 over the past few years, as Voxs Dylan Matthews reported.Cody voted for Walker four years ago but didnt like the governors handling of the Permanent Fund dividend.Dunleavy and Treadwell had positioned themselves as conservatives critical of a 2016 criminal justice overhaul and the states approach to budgeting.John Barrasso wins GOP Senate contest in Wyoming.A drop in oil prices has created something of an economic crisis in the state.Walker flirted with running in the Democratic primary but decided not to when it appeared that Begich would run.But Begichs campaign argues that eating into the permanent fund and reducing checks to Alaskans is effectively a tax hike on poor people who depend on that money for their basic economic security.Cash FOR votes IN rural alaska.The majority is not with the current governor.Mike Dunleavy won the Republican nomination for governor in Alaska, setting the stage for whats cowabunga bay discount code 2017 expected to be a three-way fight for the office this fall.Polls close at 7 pm local time, 11 pm Eastern.Walker did enjoy some popularity early in his term, after expanding Medicaid, but it appears the state of the state government has soured voters on him.Alaska is currently looking at several billion dollars in annual budget deficits with no end in sight.The next governor will face big issues, including crime and the economy, and decisions on the annual check that Alaskans receive from the states oil-wealth fund, the Alaska Permanent Fund.The primaries also include a contested GOP race for lieutenant governor and state legislative races.Dunleavy in January left the state Senate after five years to focus on his campaign.Mark Begich doesnt really have any competition for the gubernatorial nod.Possible solutions include one candidate dropping out and endorsing the other or some kind of unity ticket.Begich endorsed Walker then, while Walker did not return the favor.The candidates are already looking ahead to the general election.Published 5:34 AM EDT Aug 22, 2018.