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Whole class rewards middle school

Later in the year, when the eighth graders studied slavery and the Civil War era, the social studies teacher joined in as Cindy and her students read Walter Dean Myers's The Glory Field as a core novel.
Now I might not be so shy to speak up when our class is talking about a book.I didnt have savings, but not because I thought I could rely forever on credit instead or because I chose to spend my money extravagantly rather than salt it away.George teaches in the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University, New York City).By the mid-80s, credit debt in America was already soaring.Some economists attribute the need for credit and the drive to spend with the keeping up with the Joneses syndrome, which is so prevalent in America.These two core novels, which Kristen's students devoured, afforded the class numerous opportunities to explore the theme of responsibility as they examined nyc subway gifts the consequences of failing to meet challenges in a responsible way, as well as the rewards of responsible behavior.All three teachers described above, however, have worked hard to overcome these obstacles and have had success in engaging their students in discussions of big ideas in whole class conversations about a single work of literature.But whatever you call it, the evidence strongly indicates that either a sizable minority or a slim majority of Americans are on thin ice financially.The answers to my question Through the stories of these three teachers, I have begun to answer the question I set out to explore over the past three years.Although unfamiliar with the book, she decided to read Gary Paulsen's Nightjohn with her class of struggling readers.In my dual roles as an English education professor and a public middle school language arts staff developer in the heart of New York City, I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal from pre-service and in-service teachers about teaching and learning with.What they learned in language arts class was going to get them through a tough year, maybe even through middle school.Make a content-related Kahoot or just a fun Kahoot to use as an incentive or reward for students.And still it isnt enough.
Invite a guest speaker to class Bring the outside world into the class with a guest speaker.
Having had success with reading workshop in my own seventh grade classroom several years ago, I encourage teachers to find a way to incorporate this practice into their classrooms, at least for part of the year.